“A customer is the most important visitor to our business. They are not dependent on us. We are dependent on them. They are not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it. They are not  an outsider in our business. They are a part of it. We are not doing them a favor by serving them. They are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

The options below describe what we do here at Vilaggio. You may register below if you’re interested in purchasing a home. You will also receive information about new listings and real estate related news. You can also purchase a “How to” guide on purchasing real estate on your own.

Find a home, contact the seller and make your own deal, save thousands of dollars on the transaction. You can research every aspect of a real estate transaction by using the drop down menu items under “Buyers”. Should you require assistance there are other options available to you.
Vilaggio will guide you through your purchase transaction. You find the home whether it’s listed on Vilaggio or another site, contact the seller or listing agent and Vilaggio will assist you in the transaction helping you save thousands of dollars on your purchase.
Vilaggio will represent you in a traditional real estate transaction. Most buyers don’t understand that when a real estate agent shows them homes for purchase, in most cases both the listing agent and the buyers agent represent the seller. Vilaggio will be a true “Buyers agent” and buyers will get full representation. We will find homes that suit your requirements, show you the homes, write an offer and advise you every step of the way should your offer be accepted. We will save you money on your purchase transaction.

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Vilaggio was designed for buyers and sellers of Real Estate. Our Mission is to provide all the information one would need to understand and navigate a successful Real Estate transaction. Our goal is to help both parties save thousands of dollars on unnecessary agent fees. While a Real Estate transaction may seem complex with many moving parts, the site explains each facet in great detail simplifying the process for anyone including a first-time homebuyer.
Vilaggio is the only real estate website where buyers and sellers can deal directly with one another entirely FREE. There are no HIDDEN COSTS or FEES associated with Vilaggio. Buyers can save thousands of dollars using the site by gaining knowledge Benefits include direct negotiations with the seller, a better sales price, mortgage savings, home inspection evaluation, appraisal comparison, more control over the transaction, and assistance by a professional should you require it at a fraction of the cost. 1: A buyer can find a property, contact the seller directly and see the home. 2: A buyer can make on offer directly to the seller by completing a legal and binding purchase contract. The buyer can send that offer through our online portal. 3: A buyer can purchase our “How to” guide and save at least $3000.00 on their next real estate transaction 4: A buyer can hire Vilaggio on a consultative basis to assist them in their real estate transaction. We offer consulting for buyers whether the property is listed here on Vilaggio or some other site. The goal is to save the buyers thousands of dollars. Vilaggio offer’s world class consultation at a fraction of the cost of doing a normal real estate transaction.
A Buyer can save money by using the site in one of two ways. #1. Buying a home directly from the seller using Vilaggio. Example: Using a listing price of $300,000.00, the seller will pay agent fee’s around $15,000.00. If the sellers home is on Vilaggio you can use the savings as a negotiating tool with a potential savings of $15,000.00. The Seller will be more flexible in the sale if he avoids agent fees. #2. Use the site and negotiate your own purchase directly with a lisiting agent. By dealing directly with the lisiting agent you can elimante roughly half the fee. Example: Using a listing price of $300,000.00, the seller will pay agent fee’s around $15,000.00. An agent will normally split 50% of that fee with another agent. If you represent yourself there’s a potential savings of $7,500.00 without considering a discounted price on the home. In either example the savings potential can be a huge factor in determining the home you can purchase. You can use the savings to discount the home further, additional down payment or to pay closing costs.